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Product Range

Metal Seated Ball Valves

V Series Metal Seated Valves • Longer Service Life. Absolute Zero-leakage


Longer service life means reliable, maintenance-free operation and a four-year leakage warranty for power industry applications. This is just the start of what you get with ValvTechnologies’ seat-supported severe service metal-seated ball valves.

The V Series’ proven seat design provides improved performance, far beyond the capability of linear operated valves – which feature obstructed and torturous flow paths. V Series valves are engineered to be leak-free, position-seated, maximizing flow and reducing the overall cost of ownership. The design and construction deliver the extra safety margin so crucial to maintaining productivity.

Coking Valves

Decrease unscheduled downtime and possible production losses with ValvTechnologies’ Coker Valves.

The delayed coker process is a batch process, one of the most hostile environments in the refinery due to the abrasive and erosive properties of the coke by-product – and is crucial to a refinery’s profitability. Valves are cycled frequently and failure can lead to a complete shutdown of a unit, resulting in large process and financial costs. Optimizing valve life-cycle is critical to operational efficiency: ValvTechnologies has the best solutions to meet your coking requirements.

Parallel Slide Gate Valves

Rugged Dependability.

IsoTech®, ValvTechnologies’ parallel slide gate (PSG) seat-protected valves, are the culmination of years of practical design enhancements and eliminating the limitations of typically accepted norms in gate valve design. Proven precisely right for steam and feed water isolation applications, IsoTech® valves offer our rigorous four-year, zero-leakage warranty for steam and water applications and low-cost maintainability.

IsoTech® valves’ exceptional durability is in large part due to the use of our HVOF RiTech® hard coatings with a RC 70 seat hardness, and are designed for up to ASME/ANSI Class 4500 at 1800°F (982°C).

Low-Emission Valves

Fast-acting, High-cycle PulseJet Valves to Reduce Fugitive Emissions.

ValvTechnologies’ PulseJet valve is a fast-acting, high-cycle fugitive emissions valve designed to send a pulse of gas through a pipeline system. A trunnion-mounted ball valve, capable of 90° or 180° rotation in speeds as low as 0.5 seconds or faster, this fast actuation speed is what creates the gas “pulse” through the pipeline system. PulseJet systems can be used to clean system filters, spray chemicals in an injection type system, or pulse debris/media through a pipeline to prevent clogging.

ValvTechnologies is the leader in fast-acting, high-cycle, fugitive emissions valves. This technology is unmatched in the industry.

Key Design Features and Benefits

These systems cycle many thousands of times per day. Conventional packing systems cannot handle the abuse of the fast cycle speed combined with the high cycle count. ValvTechnologies’ EcoPack® solution was designed to address this challenge. The EcoPack® seal has been lab-tested at high pressure and line temperature to 450°F for over 500,000 cycles, requiring zero adjustments or maintenance. This equals longer plant operation between maintenance intervals, improved site safety, and less emissions from the stem packing.

Slurry Valves

With the largest installed base of any metal seated ball valve manufacture in slurry service, ValvTechnologies understands what is required in difficult abrasive applications. ValvTechnologies’ slurry products have been designed based upon 30 years of experience in the mining industry. Our integral seat design, zero-leakage testing requirements, and in-house coating capabilities have become the standard for long valve service life and reduced downtime in critical slurry applications where the valve cost is only a small fraction of the overall cost of downtime caused by a valve failure.

Electronic Relief Valves

Pilot Operated Relief

Consider the safety rating, productivity value and cost savings of electronic relief valves – the relief valve whose standard blowdown and set pressure is accurate to 1/10% of 1 psi. ValvTechnologies’ ERV is the perfect combination of zero-leakage isolation valve plus the electronic controls needed to monitor and regulate system pressures in a safety valve environment and within ASME Code Section I “V” Stamp requirements where critical over-pressure protection is paramount. ValvTechnologies’ ERV is the benchmark.

ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage ERV valves are commonly supplied with the following items:

  • ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage, V Series valve
  • Actuator – options include: air, spring, hydraulic, D.C. electric, A.C. electric, fail-safe last position, fail-safe (pneumatic tank or spring return)
  • Pressure transducer
  • Weatherproof control box
  • DCS signal input

Additional options are also available, including:

  • Remote panel
  • Lockable switch
  • Drip pans / exhaust pans
  • Voltages
  • Silencers
  • Heaters

Double Block-and-Bleed Valves

Safest to Service

Improve protection and isolate large equipment areas safely by specifying ValvTechnologies’ valves with double block-and- bleed capability. The proven-in-the-field ValvTechnologies “package approach” lowers installation costs – and saves time – compared to individual component assembly. A bi-directional upstream seat system, plus a bleed connection with a standard isolation valve, allows superior flexibility in use, as well as smooth, low-torque operation. Customers save on wear and tear, improve valve service life, and maximize effective in-line performance.

Turbine Bypass System

IGCC – Ready and Able

Now keep gas turbine and heat recovery system generator (HRSG) online in the event of a steam turbine trip with the ValvTechnologies’ turbine bypass system (TBS). Purposefully designed for the new generation of combined-cycle power plants, our TBS combines the proven XactrolL® severe service control valve design with a state-of-the-art de-superheating control system. At the same time, the TBS facilitates fast HRSG and CT start-ups in peaking power plants. and helps these plants operate at turndown conditions far below the levels that can be achieved with standard governor systems.

Trunnion Ball Valves

Trunnion Metal Seated Ball Valves • The Next Generation in Trunnion Technology


The trunnion valve technology platform provides a unique combination of upstream seating seat principle, resistance to abrasive erosion, long lifetime, and availability in a wide temperature range. Designed to meet stringent emission requirements and provide long life in abrasive and erosive conditions, the NexTech®, TrunTech®, and PulseJet valves provide high-performance solutions for tough, high cycling applications.

Designed as a high-end, severe service solution for the process and specialty markets, the NexTech® valve also serves specialty applications to meet specific customer requirements. Utilizing the same coating and live-loading technology that built the V Series product line, but in a lower-torque, truly bi-directional package, NexTech® is a super solution for tough, high-cycling applications.

Designed to address the severe service demands of the upstream and midstream markets, the advantages of the TrunTech® trunnion-mounted ball valve are plentiful: low operating torque, protected sealing surfaces when in the open and closed position, the ability to operate in the presence of solids and other contamination, and more. The TrunTech® design from ValvTechnologies meets stringent emission requirements and provides long life in abrasive and erosive conditions.

Switching Valves

Decrease unscheduled downtime and production losses with ValvTechnologies’ switching valves.

The ValvTechnologies’ switch valves are designed for use in the delayed Coker found in many integrated oil refineries. There are two drums in a delayed Coker unit that work consecutively while in operation. When one drum is functioning, the other drum is being de-coked. The switching valve is required to direct hot feed to either drum A or drum B. The valve also has the bypass position to divert flow back to the fractionator for or during emergencies. The bypass has the same port dimension as the main drum feed lines. The control package also has the capability of providing multiple intermediate positions to provide the capability to warm the new drum while slowly reducing feed to the live drum. The switch valve is the most critical valve in the unit.

This valve is found in delayed Coker units where multi-port valves are required in high-temperature coking applications. These systems contain sticky residue, solids, and other system contaminants.

Switching Valve Diagram

Control Valves

ValvTechnologies’ Xactrol® severe service control valves are engineered for applications where minimum flow and relatively high differential pressures are required. They provide “exact” flow control solution every time, from minimum or normal control to full rangeability across a wide range of pressure drops and conditions.

These high-performance Xactrol® control valves resist the harsh conditions that would wear out the trim and body parts of ordinary valves, delivering high, long-term reliability and low-maintenance in severe service. ValvTechnologies’ severe service control valves contribute to longer run times in single installations or plant-wide applications.

The Xactrol® product group unites ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage technology with special designs that allow rotary modulating control. From the Mark I design that features a characterized upstream seat, to the Mark III’s precision engineered stacked disks, the Xactrol® allows the customer to combine precise flow control with tight shutoff.

HPAL & POx Autoclave Valves

The mining industry poses some of the most challenging of all severe service applications. The most difficult of these challenges are high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) and pressure oxidation (POx). These applications require experience, reliability and resistance to high-temperatures, high-pressures and abrasive/corrosive slurries.

Hydrometallurgy Technologies Using Autoclaves

High Pressure Acid Leach – HPAL – ValvTechnologies’ Valve Applications

Pressure Oxidization– POx – ValvTechnologies’ Valve Applications

Automated Valve Packages

ValvXpress® automated packages are the perfect solutions for customers who demand quick delivery of a zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications. The package includes the superior quality of the V1-1 valve and ValvTechnologies’ actuator, backed with the best four-year guarantee in the industry.

ValvXpress® pre-engineered, automated packages are compact, robust and ready to ship.

The ValvXpress® actuator:
ValvXpress® automation can be used with any ValvTechnologies valve up to 4” in size with the added bonus of our innovative mounting kit with integral stop and actuator supplied as a complete package.

ValvXpress® automation:

  • The actuators utilize a rack and pinion design which provides constant torque output in a compact package. The torque output is proportional to the air supply pressure. Double acting and spring return models are the same compact design.
  • Hard anodized body with high-temperature seals
  • Maximum working pressure 142 psi / 10 bar
  • Maximum working temperature 302°F / 150°C

ValvXpress® mounting kit:

  • Prevents stem driving into ball, avoiding damage
  • Actuator cannot be installed in the wrong orientation
  • Air gap dissipates more heat, prevents overheating
  • Integral stop safeguards valve from over travel
  • Easy installation without voiding the warranty
  • Pressure classes 150 to 4500

The ValvXpress® program provides customers with three different options:

  • The Total Package
  • Build-Your-Own
  • Actuator-Only

Pre-engineered package includes:

  • Half thru 4” metal-seated V1-1 ball valve
  • Socket weld and butt weld end connections
  • A105, F22, F91 body materials
  • 2500#-4500# pressure classes
  • Valve operating conditions to 1400°F (760°C)
  • High-cycle pneumatic rack and pinion actuator
  • Hard anodized coating
  • High-temperature Viton® seals
  • High-cycle mounting hardware
  • Limit switch with position indicator – 2-SPDT, quick set cam, IP67, NEMA 4/4X
  • NAMUR solenoid – 110V/120V, 230V, 24VDC coils
  • Filter/regulator with gauge
  • Retainer prevents stem driving into ball

Check Valves

ValvTechnologies / DFT® Nuclear Check Valves.

ValvTechnologies is an exclusive distributor of in-line check valves for nuclear applications and licensed manufacturer of ASME III and safety-related check valves.

Designed to prevent “water hammer”, the spring-assisted, in-line design featured in all DFT® check valves ensures that as the forward flow in a pipeline decreases, the disc begins moving closer to the seat. By the time the flow stops, the disc is closed against the seat, preventing flow reversal. This prevents the valve from slamming closed, causing “water hammer” and the resultant noise and damage to piping systems.


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