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About Us

We manufacture, fabricate and provide intelligent solutions for Power generation, Mining, Petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and pulp, food and beverage amongst other industry sectors.


We have the capability to provide bespoke inspection solutions which enhance safety, mitigate risks and minimises costs.

Our Mitech Technologies Videoscope is an innovative enabler, and it is widely used for many industries, including the aviation industry, Electronic equipment, casting, manufacturing, automotive and military industries

  • We do Pipe inspections using this efficient advanced technological tool.
  • We do weld inspections in pipes and hard to reach places with our videoscope.
  • Our inspections are done according to the client’s requirement.


Through our advanced equipment we are able to meet high pressure component machining requirements for oil, gas and steam applications.


To exceed customer expectations using world-class technology to manufacture, repair and process our product offerings and services


To consistently do above, beyond and exceedingly well in creating value for our clients through efficient customer service